Happy Retirement, Bob Wamhoff!

44 years ago, my brother, Bob Wamhoff, started an accounting firm in Florissant, Missouri to help clients in the area provide a high level of service and advice. I joined him, just a few years later, while I was still in my teens, helping him to crunch numbers and prepare forms. That first day on the calculator, I was so excited to be working with my big brother. Today, with a tear in my eye, I’m a proud little sister as I look back on his career and congratulate him on his retirement.

This tax season, we’ve had the privilege to serve many clients who have been there with us since those early days of Wamhoff Accounting. As they’ve come in for their tax appointments, we’ve reminisced about years Bob spent preparing returns on their kitchen tables and washing machines, and recalled the many locations the firm has called home since 1975. Bob led us all on that journey, always making sure that each client and each member of our staff was cared for and felt supported.

In the 44 years since Bob founded the firm, he built an amazing full-service financial planning and accounting business, and team of individuals that’s become well-known across the St. Louis region. He often jokes that he can’t even go to the grocery store without someone recognizing him from television! His hard work, dedication to his craft and his clients, and willingness to give back have brought him much success, and has made an indelible mark on the community.

I am honored to have the opportunity to carry his legacy forward, leading Wamhoff Accounting into the future but always maintaining the vision Bob set forth. He taught me everything I know, and I would not be the person I am today without him. Bob is someone I will always turn to for advice, even in his retirement, and I know he’ll be there to lend a helping hand or compassionate ear to anyone who might call upon him.

From your little sister, and the entire Wamhoff Accounting team — Happy Retirement, Bob!