National Small Business Week: May 2-May 8, 2021

Recognizing their outstanding service, innovation, and development, Small Business Week celebrates small business owners around the country. Always falling during the first week of May, you can observe this holiday by visiting the link and nominating your favorite small business.

There are many different ways to celebrate and help your local small businesses. Here are a few ways!

1. Purchase gift cards.

You’ll be supporting their operations when they need it most!

2. Share your favorites on social media.

Shout out some of your favorite companies, products, or promotions on social media to let your friends know.

3. Leave positive reviews.

Help them gain some social proof and improve their online rankings. And it’s free!

4. Refer people directly.

Of course, you can also help simply by talking about your favorite small businesses to others via text, phone calls, or video calls.

5. Send a kind note.

A little kindness goes a long way, especially during stressful seasons. If you can’t support small businesses financially, send them a quick note via email or social media to tell them how much you appreciate it. You could make the team’s day.

6. Ask business owners how you can help.

If you know any entrepreneurs in your area or online, reach out and ask if there’s anything specific they need. Even if there isn’t, they’ll probably appreciate the sentiment.

7. Create a community organization.

If you want to support a variety of businesses in your area and get others involved, consider creating a community fund or support group. You can either collect money or come up with creative ideas to help local businesses. Use social media or local forums to facilitate conversations with others in your area.

8. Opt for local stores over chains when possible.

Even if you don’t have extra money you spend, heading to the corner market for groceries over the big box store can make a major difference for that business owner.

Here at Wamhoff Accounting Services, we support local and small businesses all around us! We hope that you will join us in celebrating Small Business Week!